Ch 2. Briggs

Ch. 2 blogging
Every college journalist should have a blog according to Briggs. Blogs allow writers to express their views and get their name out to potential consumers. Forming relationships with readers is vital in becoming a successful journalist.
In my experience blogs can be good and bad. A good blog establishes credibility by being unbiased and factual. Even biased blogs, that are factual have credibility. On the other hand blogs that lack fact based reasoning or make erratic statements lose credibility and tend to not succeed. Because bloggers are free to say what they want a lot of blogs may take this approach.
Furthermore blogs allow the writer to express his/her character and opinions, unlike writing a news story which must be unbiased. One of my favorite blogs, which is undoubtedly biased, yet highly entertaining is barstoolsports. This blog site comments on the athletic world in a humerous manner, and provides pictures and clips with commentary of many random incidents just for the purpose of entertainment.

Blogs have to abilityto be more entertaining than news stories.

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