ch. 4 briggs


Chapter 4 is about micro blogging. Micro blogging refers to method of information sharing in which the sender delivers short quicks pieces of information to get his/her word out fast.

This is effective in today’s fast paced world.

In an earlier post I wrote about the importance of getting information to the masses as fast as possible. It is also to make sure the consumers actually receive the message. Often, even if a news story is sent out with immediacy, it is not guaranteed the consumer will read it in its entirety. Micro blogging allows  consumers to both get the message with immediacy, while also not putting pressure on the consumer to have to read a long article.

Twitter is a great example of micro blogging. Many famous people use twitter to make brief statements or announcements. These short snippets of information can be digested in a matter of seconds, and often the news comes straight from the horses mouth.

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