C-Span Governor George Allen

Former Virginia senator George Allen joined students participating from the George Mason University Video Studio along with Steve Scully, the political editor for the C-SPAN networks, and students from the University of Denver.

In an open forum Allen answered student questions ranging from sports to foreign policy.

Allen took a hard stance that federal government should limit its attempts to control the states, and went further to state the “federal government exceeds authority.”

With regards to foreign policy his stance was “defense wins and protects our liberty. He also spoke about the crisis in Egypt.

Although he did not provide a plan for Egypt he concluded the four pillars ofa just society include:

  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of expression
  • Private ownership of property
  • Rule of law

He ended by answering questions about his book entitled “What Washington can Learn from the World of Sports.” In which he explains the similarities bewtwwen politics and athletics.

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