Steve Buttry’s visit

Steve Buttry

Reporting has changed with innovation.

                –Can’t just interview people. You need to gather sounds and video.

Many websites work on innovative ways to present stories.


Example 2

-“You can sometimes tell a story with words in audio than written words”

Innovations give control to the users


“Thinking of all the possibilities on how to present a story changes the reporting of a story.”

Q: What makes a story important enough to take the time to create these kinds of stories?

A: For example the story in MN about the bridge was the towns story of the year. Now it is also important to understand creating these stories now makes it easier to recreate similar stories or formatting for the next stories. Next time around it will not take as long to create the story.

A lot of good information from Steve Buttry’s presentation. What is to be taken away is possibilities are endless. There are always interesting ways to present various types of stories. The goal is to interest the consumers, and tell the story with the most accuracy and detail as possible.

“Feeling uncomfortable should be a red flag which urges you to jump in it might be good for you”

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