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Kevin Anderson spoke to our class Today March 24. He had a very interesting and different perspective compared to other speakers.  He gave the class good advice, and shared his own personal experiences which were fascinating.

First word of advice: Be knowledgeable of your sources

How he got where he is:

                1996: newspaper journalist. Online journalist.

                2 years later BBC journalist outside the UK. Washington correspondent.

Tools/ skill sets needed to have as a journalist:

  • Build a clip file
  • Early initiative
    • Set up blogs
    • Take pictures
      • Much easier to do these things this day and age.


Video Interviews:

  • Natural sounds
    • I want to hear the games. (With regard to my groups project on the special needs hockey team
    • It puts you in the middle of the story


His take on storify: Can be dangerous without context. Make sure you bridge the social media with the story.

Role of social media in journalism today:  Network Journalism

  1. Content on website must be taken to where people are congregating online (ex Facebook)
    1. Don’t expect them to come to your site
    2. Use networks to find sources (Ex. Twitter)

Student Question: What’s experience preparing for overseas

A. “I can demine a field with a Bic pen”————————-AWESOME

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