Jim Ioveno

Jim Ioveno

Most stories break on website. Developed story is given later that day in the newscast

                -purpose: immediacy.

                -information travels extremely fast- you want to break the story first.

Pat Collins “Snow reporter”

                “Incredible reporter because he can get whoever he talks to say something interesting”

                                -Find an angle to a story you think no one else will have and own it.

“Chat with Pat”- new way to present news. Great form of social media. – Pat Collins makes himself available via video to answer questions from the viewership.

                -Connect with the audience.

  • Good to standout
  • Great to be interesting to the readers


Q: What’s more important breaking the story or finding the best angle:

  1. A.      Both

“If you break the story people realize that and come back to you”

“If you find a new angle people appreciate the new perspective and come back”

Local news-  It is important to emphasize why the story is important to the readership/community

Raw footage- people love this stuff, just find impressive video and make it available. Doesn’t always have to be “storied” up.

Prediction for online journalism in the coming years:  It’s going to be a lot more mobile. “Mobile mobile mobile.”

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